For Future Reference: My 1-10 Rating Scale

In my upcoming stories and anecdotal evidence I will most oftenly refer to the looks of my female companions using the 1-10 scale. So you can better understand MY rating system, I will outline each integer and what it represents. It is fair to assume there is some standard deviation present in said ratings. Of course no girl is a sure-fire 8 or snaggle-toothed 3, so realize that there is always give and take variables at play. Without further adieu…

10- unattainable, no girl will ever be given a 10

9- Rediculously hot, 99th percentile of the world

8- Hot/Really cute

7- Cute

6- She has her pros and cons, very situational

5- Mehhh (don’t tell your buddies about her)

4-let her buy you drinks, but nothing more

3- Sarah Jessica Parker

2- Troll

1- Shouldn’t be allowed in public

Glad we’re on the same page now =)


The Journey Begins

Well gentleman, the time has come. There are too many of you, and too little of me in this world to create a balance between bad men and bad women. We are outnumbered. I am taking the time out of my incredibly busy day to begin this blog as a way to educate, enlighten, and possibly recruit some of you players-to-be to my side of the fence. My main areas of focus are women, finance, and pounding some weights at the gym.